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3 Level Smart SIPs Home
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Smart SIPs home with tile overlay to the outside walls
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Smat SIPs bath room walls

 MgO & OSB SIPs Panels and SIPs Design of Energy Efficient Homes from 

Working with the Homeowner, Owner Builder or working directly with the Builder to assist with Net-zero emission buildings or  Passive House design to bring reduced energy use and operating cost to your new home.

Savings for a Lifetime with Smart SIPs

Smart Choices

Smart Building

Smart Panels

Smart SIPs MgO & OSB  panels cost about 5% more than conventional framing, however, they pay for themselves in as little as 3.5 years with savings on energy bills.


With utility prices continually on the rise, you can't afford not to go energy efficient. Smart SIPs wall, floor and Roof panels set the standard for energy-saving building materials.

Building made easy for both owner builders and registered builders.


Smart SIPs MgO & OSB SIPs panels combine four labour tasks into one: framing, insulating, external cladding and internal lining. 

Smart SIPs MgO & OSB structural insulated panels are NOT your standard SIPs panels. Smart SIPs MgO & OSB panels with EPS insulation are a hybrid system made up of studs, insulation and MgO skins to combine to provide a panel designed to work with any job.

        Smart SIPs MgO Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)


We work with the Homeowner, Owner Builder or directly with the Builder to assist with Net-zero emission buildings or  Passive House design to bring reduced energy use and operating cost to your new home and faster build times.

Airtight and well-insulated building systems


MgO & OSB structural insulated panels (MgO SIPs) are one of the most airtight and well-insulated building systems available making them an inherently green product.


A Smart SIPs MgO & OSB building will use less energy to heat and cool and allow for better control over the indoor environmental conditions for the life of your home.


30-50% less energy than comparable timber frame designs


Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) made with Smart SIPs MgO wall panels are fire, mould and bug resistant and use 30-50% less energy than comparable timber frame designs.


Carbon-Neutral, Recyclable


Smart SIPs MgO & OSB panels use a sheathing material that is essentially carbon neutral, recyclable and disposable as a soil nutrient, together with less construction waste.


Construction times are Significantly Reduced


Construction times are significantly reduced as you are doing four tasks at once; framing, external cladding, insulation and internal lining vs traditional stick framing construction where each task is built separately.

MgO SIPs home using SIPs panels
MgO SIPs walls showing TV recess and Fire place recess
MgO SIPS home under construction
No need to jump through hoops for 8 Stars just use Smart SIPs

Smart SIPs very high energy efficent homes bring reduced energy use and operating cost to your new home along with better comfort and reducing your carbon footprint. Smart SIPs helping to work towards  Net-zero emission buildings or  Passive House design homes.

We provide MGO wall SIPs, Cement Sheet Floor SIPs, OSB Wall and Roof sips & Colorbond Roof SIPs, for a greater range of building needs. 


To bring reduced energy use and operating cost to your new home. 

Cost Effective

Smart SIPS MgO or OSB panels decrease labour costs and have high insulation values making your project more competitive and profitable.

5 A top plate is dropped in to the top r
The Smart SIPs walls up we are ready to

The Smart SIPs home featured on this page has an energy rating of 8.2 stars.


This home is 372m2 (40.8 squares or 4,080 square feet). It is built over three levels on a 364m2 severely sloping block with 5.4m of fall.


The home is located in climate zone 60 which has a requirement of 60% heating and 40% cooling. 


With an 8.2 Star rated home the heating bills will be 67% less than a 6 Star rated home.


The cooling bills will be 85% less than a 6 Star rated home built in the same area and to the same size. 


This is where the benefits of using Smart SIPs MgO & OSB panels really pays off, not only are you getting a faster build job and a home with less air leakage.


You will be saving money every day on the ever-increasing energy bills. 

Our Company

Smart SIPs MgO & OSB SIPs homes are built around providing the complete package to home builders.


We have 25 years experience within the building industry and have spent the last five years working on Smart SIPs.


To bring together a total package of SIPs panels, design, engineering, compliance with the BCA, energy rating, training and support products and services.

Time Saving

With Smart SIPs MgO & OSB Structural Insulated Panels, you can count on decreased construction time, saving time and money.

Assurance and Peace of Mind for your New Home

Our practical experience in building new homes together with contracting to some of Melbourne’s most prestigious builders and also to Melbourne's most respected custom design and sloping block builders has allowed Smart SIPs to put together the complete pre-construction documentation and construction support for your project.


With this experience of designing and working with custom and sloping block builders we have honed our building skills and expanded our ability to manage the pre-construction documentation and material specifications, estimating, engineering, energy rating, home design, town planning, building permit issue and construction management.


This is what sets Smart SIPs apart from other SIPs suppliers as we have skill sets across the entire building process to ensure your Smart SIPs project works.


Smart SIPs can provide you with the complete service to assist you to bring your home concepts together.