Our Story

How Smart SIPs Developed Our Energy Saving Home 

How we began


At Smart SIPs we started off like every other family looking for the most cost effective way to build our new home by using the most energy efficient building materials and systems. 


Our journey took us all over Australia and around the world studying different building systems and suppliers to ensure we were working with the best system and working with the best people.


After four years of this exhaustive and sometimes frustrating research we have been able to put together a complete building system that achieves all of our goals. 


A simple and easy to use building system, that is both cost effective to use and highly energy efficient giving us an 8.2 star rated home for the cost of a 5 star rated home. 


Now that we have the complete system working, with BCA  compliance (Building Code of Australia), we have decided to make our building system available to other families and builders to use and enjoy.



We believe that a building system should extend from the design stage all the way through to the end of the useful life of the home. This is why at Smart SIPs we offer a full turn-key service including design, specifications, estimating, engineering, energy rating, training, installation, heating and ventilation and all the documentation required to get your new home from concept to completion.


During our four year research of building energy efficient homes we learned that this was the missing link as most suppliers are only interested in their material and that is where their service ends.


At Smart SIPs we entered the process from the opposite starting point of most manufacturers. As we were looking at the subject from being clients wanting to build an energy efficient home and not a material supplier helped us understand very quickly that we were looking for a system not just a building material.


To our great disappointment we soon understood that this was lacking in the market.


This was how our philosophy was conceived and is now etched into our belief system. 

Our Work


Here at Smart SIPs we can provide you with the complete service to assist you to bring your home concepts together. 


Our practical experience in building new homes and working with some of Melbourne’s most prestigious builders and also some of Melbourne's most respected custom design and sloping block builders.


With this experience of designing and working with custom and sloping block builders we have honed our building skills and expanded our ability to manage the complete pre-construction documentation and material 

specifications through to the town planning and building permit stages. 


This is what sets Smart SIPs apart from other SIPs suppliers as we have skill sets across the entire building process to ensure your Smart SIPs project works. 


Contact us for the supply of: 

  • Smart SIPs building materials 

  • New home design

  • Pre-contract documentation

  • Engineering

  • Energy rating

  • Estimating

  • Building certification

  • Smart SIPs training

  • Smart SIPs installation

  • Supply of all additional building materials if required

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