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Building Planning


Are you an architect or professional building designer wanting to know more about the benefits of working with SIPs. Learn all you need to know below.

Tired of the limitations of traditional framing?

Conventional framing comes with so many limitations. Do you ever have a design in mind that’s thwarted by ugly support beams? Or a design that you know won’t be possible with stud wall frames?


SIPs give you the freedom to be truly innovative and creative with your designs due to their innate versatility and strength. SIPs are high-performance products that are precision cut to your specifications. 


Get creative with the freedom of SIPs.

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Build outstanding, sustainable buildings

Tick all of your design boxes with a building that delivers on exceptional sustainability. By working with Smart SIPs, you’ll be making a positive impact on reducing the construction industry's carbon footprint. Sustainability has never been more important and will continue to gain in significance in the coming years. 


See our past projects for inspiration and more information.

BCA compliant and independently tested

When working with Smart SIPs, you can rest assured that you’re working with a Building Code of Australia compliant product and company. We take pride in our work and deliver an exceptional product and service. 


Our system and SIPs products have been rigorously and independently tested so we know we’re fully independently certified. Learn more about our SIPs testing.


Superior flexibility

SIPs gives you the freedom to design with less limitations.

BCA compliant

BCA compliant and independently tested.

Exceptional Sustainability

Be part of a positive change with sustainably built homes.

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Why work with Smart SIPs

The benefits of SIPs are numerous, from energy efficiency to to allowing innovative designs. But why work with us?

We are experienced SIPs suppliers who’ve been on both sides of the fence. First, we were clients looking to build our own sustainable home. Now we’re Smart SIPs, a SIPs complete solutions supplier with building experience, that knows what the client wants. We deliver an exceptional complete service and have experience working with difficult and sloping blocks. Learn more about us and our philosophy.

Ready to enjoy the flexibility of working with SIPs?

Contact us today for more information or with any questions you may have.

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