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Owner Builders

Are you an owner builder interested in building your new home with SIPs? Discover the benefits of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) below.

Build your dream home with Smart SIPs

As an owner builder, you probably have a specific idea in mind of what you want your new home to look like and achieve. By working with Smart SIPs, you’ll experience less limitations and more freedom to build the home you desire. 

Conventional framing comes with limitations that SIPs don’t. Conventional framing, such as timber framing, has limited strength and capabilities, often needing support beams and truss walls to achieve some more creative and sought after structures. And that’s if these structures are even possible with timber framing. 

The superior strength and versatility of SIPs allows for more innovation and creativity, and makes working with difficult and or sloping blocks more achievable. 


Save money with SIPs

Although the initial cost of SIPs compared to conventional cost is approximately 5% more, the reduced installation time, reduced on-site waste and on-going savings from your new home’s reduced energy bills makes SIPs a more cost-effective solution. 


You can also mitigate your build’s budget blowing out with the ever increasing cost and delays of timber required for conventional framing. SIPs help you keep your project moving and on budget, while getting to lockup quicker.

Build a sustainable home

Building with Smart SIPs helps you to achieve a sustainable build that will benefit the environment in multiple ways. This includes:

  • A home built with SIPs will typically see a reduced amount of construction waste. As the panels are pre-cut, they only require assembling. This reduces the need for onsite personalisation and human error, reducing waste.

  • SIPs provide a better insulated structure, resulting in less air leakage. Less air leakage reduces the need for heating and cooling. Your home’s energy consumption will be significantly less reducing your carbon footprint.

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Custom build

Achieve your dream home with SIPs

Faster installation

Get to lockup quicker with SIPs

Exceptional sustainability

Build a greener, energy-efficient home

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Why work with Smart SIPs?

Using SIPs for your new build has many benefits, as outlined above. But, you may be thinking why you should choose use over another SIPs supplier?

We are experienced SIPs suppliers who’ve been on both sides of the fence. First, we were just like you, looking to build our own sustainable home. Now, we’re Smart SIPs, a SIPs complete solutions supplier that knows what our clients want. We deliver an exceptional complete service and have experience working with difficult and sloping blocks. We’re with you every step of the way. Learn more about us and what sets up apart from other suppliers.

Our system and products are BCA compliant. We’ve also been independently tested by three independent companies.

Would you like a quote on how much your new SIPs build will cost?

Get in touch with us today to receive an obligation-free, ballpark quote.

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