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Our Story

Discover how we, the people behind Smart SIPs, saw a gap in the market when we developed our energy saving home.

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How we started/began

We started off like many other families looking for the most cost-effective way to build a new home. We knew that using the most energy efficient building materials and systems was the way to go, but what were they?


Our journey for answers took us all over Australia and around the world. We studied different building systems and suppliers, ensuring we were working with the best system and the best people. 


After 5 years of this exhaustive - and sometimes frustrating - research, we used our vast knowledge to assemble our Complete Building System that achieved all of our goals and more.


Our Complete Building System is simple, cost-effective and easy to use. We employed this system when building our highly efficient home and achieved a 8.4 star rating from a possible 10 stars, and this was way back in 2009. Back then, only 5 Star homes were required for a Building Permit, and most builders and designers were having trouble obtaining even a 5 star rating for their designs . 


Once we had our Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliant Complete Building System working, we decided to make it available to other families and builders to use and enjoy.

Our philosophy

We believe that a building system should extend from the design stage all the way through to the end of the useful life of the home. This is why, at Smart SIPs we offer a full turn-key service that includes all the documentation required to get your new home from concept to completion, including:

  • design 

  • specifications

  • estimating

  • engineering

  • energy rating

  • training

  • installation

  • heating 

  • ventilation


During our years-long research of building energy efficient homes, we learned that this complete service was the missing link. Most suppliers are only interested in their material and that is where their service ends.


At Smart SIPs, we entered the process from the opposite starting point of most manufacturers: as clients wanting to build an energy efficient home. This perspective sets us apart from other SIPs suppliers as we’ve been through the process and have developed a service that we sought, but to our great disappointment, found was lacking in the market. We were looking for a system, not just a building material. 


This is how we conceived of our philosophy that is now etched into our belief system.


Our work

Here at Smart SIPs, we can provide you with a comprehensive service that is our Complete Building System to assist you in bringing your home concepts together. 


We have gained in-depth, practical experience in building new homes with some of Melbourne’s most prestigious builders. We have also worked with some of Melbourne's most respected custom design and sloping block builders. 


With our experience in designing and working with custom and sloping block builders, we have honed our building skills and expanded our ability to manage the complete pre-construction documentation and material specifications through to the town planning and building permit stages. 


This is another way we’re set apart from other SIPs suppliers as we have skill sets across the entire building process to ensure your Smart SIPs project works.

Work with us

When working with Smart SIPs, you can take comfort in knowing you’re working with experienced SIPs builders who’ve also been in your shoes. 


Contact us for the supply of: 

  • Smart SIPs building materials 

  • New home design

  • Pre-contract documentation

  • Engineering

  • Energy rating

  • Estimating

  • Building certification

  • Smart SIPs training

  • Smart SIPs installation

  • Supply of all additional building materials, if required


We’re very confident in our SIPs system. Learn about the rigorous independent testing our SIPs system and panels have undergone.

Our Team

Hi, we’re Peter and Desma - the faces behind Smart SIPs. We’ve been through the process of building an energy-efficient home and saw the considerable gaps in the market for those, like us, wanting a complete service. Our experience in the industry, paired with our experience in building our own energy-smart home, led to the creation of Smart SIPs.


Peter Sullivan
CEO, Director and Co-Founder

As CEO, Peter looks after many areas of Smarts SIPs, including SIPs design, engineering, sales and marketing, production, and logistics.

When Peter isn’t busy enjoying work, you’ll find him in the garden or building something around the home. Peter also enjoys visiting new restaurants, exploring new travels and catching up with his loved ones.

Peter and Desman share a love of snow skiing and are equally enthusiastic about architecture and the newest developments in sustainable housing.

Peter looks after The SIPs Design, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Production and Logistics.

When Peter is not working you will be out in the Garden or building something around the home. Peter also likes visiting restaurants and catching up with friends and Family and Travelling.

Peter & Desma are Both keen Snow Skiers and crazy about Architecture and the newest developments in Housing.


Desma Sullivan
CFO, Director and Co-Founder

As CFO, Desma’s workday involves financial management, accounting and office management.

When Desma is outside of the office, you’ll find her buried in a new book or enjoying a movie. Desma also loves the company of her friends and family and taking them out to restaurants and travelling.

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Are you interested in our Complete Building Service?

We welcome you to get in touch with us today with any questions you may have or to receive an obligation-free, ballpark quote.

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