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Build your dream, sustainable home

Home Owners

Are you a homeowner interested in building a sustainable home? Learn all you need to know below.

Build your dream home with Smart SIPs

Using our Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) enables homeowners to achieve the sustainable home of their dreams. Without the typical limitations of traditional stud walls and conventional framing, you can build a custom home even on the most difficult blocks. The superior strength and customisation capabilities of SIPs allows you and your building designer to get creative without having to worry about truss, walls and support beams. 


Your new SIPs home will also be safer with a higher resilience to severe weather and natural disasters. Should a natural disaster happen, homes built with SIPs typically see reduced structural damage and repair costs.


When it comes to building your sustainable home, don’t settle for standard outdated methods that may limit your design options. Instead, build a custom home that meets your design brief and budget with SIPs. Learn more about our home design services.

Building a sustainable home

Build a sustainable home

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Building with SIPs allows you to achieve a sustainable build that will benefit the environment in multiple ways. This includes:


  • A home built with SIPs will typically see a reduced amount of construction waste. As the panels are pre-cut, they only require assembling. This reduces the need for onsite personalisation and human error, reducing waste.

  • SIPs provide a better insulated structure, resulting in less air leakage. Less air leakage reduces the need for heating and cooling. Your home’s energy consumption will be significantly less reducing your carbon footprint.

Cost-effective now and long-term

Building a sustainable home isn’t only good for the environment, it’s also good for your back pocket. Across the life of your new home, you’ll also see ongoing savings with your new home’s reduced operating costs. When compared to a similar home in a similar location but built with timber framing, a home built with SIPs will see a significantly reduced cost in their energy bills. Learn more about a side-by-side test.


Building your home with SIPs is also cost-effective. Although the panels are slightly more than traditional framing, you’ll see reduced costs in multiple areas of your build, including:

  • Faster installation - assembly time is much faster as they arrive ready to assemble. Achieve lockup quicker with reduced framing days and delays.

  • Precision cut panels - reduce human error and time spent cutting timber to size but using SIPs, they come precision-cut and ready to assemble.

  • Reduced cost of construction waste - you’ll see less construction waste due to the panels being pre-cut.

  • Potential tax-incentives

  • Complete two jobs at once - SIPs are pre-insulated. So you’ll achieve framing and insulation at the same time.

Sustainable home built with SIPs

Custom build

Avoid typical limitations that come with conventional framing.


Superior insulation for reduced home operating costs.

Sustainable build

Building a sustainable home has never been easier.

building a sustainable home with SIPs

Our Complete Building System

Here at Smart SIPs, we provide a Complete Building System that is simple, cost-effective and easy to use.


We believe that a building system should extend from the design stage all the way through to the end of the useful life of the home. This is why, at Smart SIPs we offer a full turn-key service that includes all the documentation required to get your new home from concept to completion, and:

  • design 

  • specifications

  • estimating

  • engineering

  • energy rating

  • training

  • installation

  • heating 

  • ventilation


We’re with you every step of the way on your journey to build your sustainable dream home.

SIPs sustainable home

Are you a homeowner wanting to know more about building a sustainable home with SIPs?

Get in touch with us today for more on how we can help you achieve your sustainale building goals.

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