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Are you a registered builder looking to work with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Learn all you need to know below.

Faster installations and builds

We understand that time is money, especially when it comes to building sites. By working with us, you’ll install your framing and insulation quicker while reducing your costs of onsite waste.


All of our panels are precision cut and arrive ready to assemble. As they are pre-insulated, you’ll achieve two jobs in one. SIPs come together seamlessly and require little to no on-site modifications as they are cut to the exact specifications supplied.


Faster installation means a quicker build, getting you to lockup quicker and on to your next project.

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Keep your project on budget

Faster installations automatically lead to reduced days spent framing, along with completing framing and insulation simultaneously and reduced jobsite waste, your outgoings and delays will be less. 


Another way you may see a return is mitigating your reliance on timber. Timber shortages lead to ever increasing costs and delays. Working with SIPs will keep your project moving and on budget.

Meet client demands

As time goes on, the interest in sustainable builds is increasing. As are customised builds. Through working with Smarts SIPs, you can supply builds that meet both sustainability and customisation needs. You’ll achieve a greener build by reducing your jobsite waste and your client will have their dream home that is energy-efficient and customised to their unique design. 


Achieving all of this and in a shortened time-frame will also keep your clients happy.


Faster installation

Achieve your build in a faster time-frame

Precision cut panels

Reduced labour and costly jobsite waste

Sustainable buildings

Meet increasing demand for greener homes

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Why work with Smart SIPs?

The benefits of SIPs are numerous, from reducing time spent installing framing and insulation to delivering an exceptional sustainable building. But why work with us? 

We are experienced SIPs suppliers who’ve been on both sides of the fence. First, we were clients looking to build our own sustainable home. Now we’re Smart SIPs, a SIPs complete solutions supplier with building experience, that knows what the client wants. We deliver an exceptional complete service and have experience working with difficult and sloping blocks.


Our system and products are BCA compliant. We’ve also been independently tested by three independent companies. Learn more about our testing and certification.

Ready to work with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)?

Get in touch with us today to discuss your SIPs needs.

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