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Passive house using Smart SIPs

Passive house using Smart SIPs

A passive house in Killcare made possible using our Structural Insulated Panels.

Builder: Lou Projects 


Shop Drawings: Smart SIPs. 

Smart SIPs Floor, Walls & Roof System

Design Brief

To design a healthy, high-performing, 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom home with a detached studio, double lock-up garage, and above ground swimming pool.

Design Challenge 

This project was designed to achieve high levels of thermal insulation and airtightness for maximum comfort and minimal energy use. That’s why our services and Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) were sought out to make this achievable. 

SIPs construction, together with timber framed double-glazed windows and doors and a Heat Recovery Ventilation System (HRV), ensured that the internal temperature of the house remained steady throughout the year. The HRV system also provided a constant source of fresh and filtered outdoor air to the occupants, creating a healthy indoor environment.

Design Approach 

Using SIPs, sourced from Smart SIPs, provides a highly insulated and airtight frame that enhances durability and energy efficiency. 

The majority of the SIPs panels used in this home boast an impressive R-value of 8.2, with others ranging from R-values of 6.2 to 4.2. This significantly exceeds the insulation levels of traditional construction methods.

To further enhance the thermal performance, the home features timber-framed double-glazed windows and doors which contribute to a high-performing, energy-efficient environment that keeps the home warm in winter and cool in summer. The inclusion of quality airtight seals ensures minimal air leakage and maximises energy efficiency. Timber naturally provides insulation, minimising heat/cold transfer between the interior and exterior.

The home is equipped with a whole-house HRV (heat recovery ventilation) system to ensure superior indoor air quality. This advanced system continuously removes stale, moist air from inside while introducing filtered, fresh air from the outside. The integrated filters effectively eliminate various pollutants, such as pollen, bacteria, smoke, smog, and mould spores. With the ability to adjust the incoming air temperature based on the season, the HRV system provides a consistent supply of clean, filtered air at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Design Outcome

The design brief was met by achieving a home that is healthy and high-performing, prioritising energy-efficiency and mould prevention. The house exceeds standard building practices with it’s completely waterproof and airtight building envelope, due to Smart SIPs.

In the more temperate times of the year, the house can be opened up to the outside spaces which include landscaped gardens, a sheltered courtyard, a deck and a plunge pool.

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