Smart SIPs Panel Details & Tools

Panel information provided on this page will cover 

  • Timber Supply

  • Prefabrication

  • Panel Skin Material

  • Panel Core Material 

  • Panel Sizes

  • Panel Weights

  • Panel R Values and U Values

  • Smart SIPS Tools 

SIPs Framed Structures Are Now Less Than Stick Framing

As Timber costs have escalated, higher-end panelised framing options (such as SMART SIPs) are now more cost-effective than traditional 2×6 stick-framed structures. SIPs also offer proven stronger, straighter, and greener benefits over stick-framed structures.

As building energy, codes change and traditional framing methods will no longer qualify alone, when building high-performance homes, Structural Insulated Panel Systems easily help building owners, designers and builders achieve new high-performance requirements.  


When trying to maintain a budget and uncertainty on rising Timber material costs, now is the time for builders and architects to make the move to SIPs construction


It’s the right thing to do for your budget and for the planet.

Smart SIPs OSB Panels are fully Prefabricated  and all Timber Splines, OSB Splines, Top Plates, Bottom Plates, and Lintels are  included with our supply when using our OSB and Cement SIPs panels

We can supply a range of materials for your SIPs panels 
The Skin material options are OSB, MgO, or Cement Sheet and are subject to building design and engineering 

Smart SIPS  MGO Skin With Graphite EPS (GPS )

Smart SIPs OSB Skin With
EPS ( White)

Smart SIPs Cement Skin With EPS (White)

Smart SIPS Graphite EPS.jpg
Tolko & Weyerhaeuser SPF J Grade.jpg
Smart SIPS Cement Sheet SIPs.jpg

Smart SIPs  Core Options 
Smart SIPs Has A Range Of Core Material Based On Your Building Design And Performance You are Looking to Archive. 
See The List Below 

Core Material 


Graphite filled EPS (GPS) (Neopor by BASF) 

BASF Neopor® GPS is a graphite polystyrene (GPS) rigid foam insulation that gives maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability on construction projects. Planners, architects, contractors and builder-owners benefit from insulation made of Neopor GPS because of the special advantages this material offers. Silver-Grey Neopor GPS is comprised of many small pockets of air within a polymer matrix containing graphite.

The graphite reflects radiant heat energy like a mirror, increasing the material's resistance to the flow of heat, or R-value. Most polymer-based foams exhibit a greater ability to slow the movement of heat as the temperature decreases.  Neopor GPS is in a unique class because it increases in R-value as the temperature outside drops. 

With a R Value of 1 per 25mm of panel.

GPS is also  an affordable option to using EPS. 


Over 80% of the SIP panels installed are EPS. EPS core material is widely available. It is easy to modify on sight and most sip installers have experience dealing with EPS. It's also the least expensive option in terms of material cost.  With a R Value of 0.63 per 25mm of panel


XPS has many of the best characteristics of both polyurethane and EPS. It has a high R-value (1 R-value per inch of panel). It is dense and stable yet has a relatively low melting point so on-site modifications are as easy as EPS. Also, like EPS, it bonds easily to OSB and gypsum board. However, it is much more costly.


The main advantage of polyurethane (or the much harder to pronounce derivation, polyisicyanurate) is that it has the highest R-value of any SIP panel. After what's called thermal drift, it's about 1.2 to 1.36 of R-value per inch of panel. However it is much more costly and more difficult to work with.

Standard Dimension of Smart SIPs:

OSB SIPs Dimension

  • 1.220 x 2.440 / 1.220 x 2.700 / 1.220 x 3.050 / 1.220 x 4.880 / 1.220 x 6.100 / 1.220 x 7.200

    •  Size: 4'x8' / 4'x9' / 4'x10' / 4'x16' / 4'x20' / 4' x 24’ (Feet)

Smart SIPs Jumbo Size Panel ​

  • 2.440 x 2.440 / 2.440 x 2.700 / 2.440 x 3.050 / 2.440 x 4.880 / 2.440 x 6.100 / 2.440 x 7.200

    Thickness   114 / 165 / 209mm / 260mm / 310 (mm)

    Thickness:  4.5" / 6.5" / 8.25" / 10.25" / 10.25”. (Inch)

Types of splines

  • Dimension Timber, OSB, Light Gauge Steel

MgO SIPs Dimension

  • 1.1 x 2.440 / 1.1 x 2.700 / 1.1 x 3.000

  • Thickness   111mm / 161mm / 206mm / 260mm / 310 (mm)

  • Types of splines: Dimension Timber, OSB, Light Gauge Steel

Cement SIPs Dimension

  • 1.220 x 2.440 / 1.220 x 2.700 / 1.220 x 3.050

  • Thickness   114 / 165 / 209mm / 260mm / 310 (mm)

  • Types of splines: Dimension Timber, OSB, Light Gauge Steel

Up to 2500kn per panel

5.6kn per 1m of wall

up to N5


Smart SIPs Panel Weight Table.jpg


R Value of Smart SIPs.jpg
Smart SIPs OSB Home.jpg
Smart SIPs Jumbo SIPs Panel.jpg
OSB SIPs with Electrical Chases.jpg
Smart SIPs OSB Panel Manufacture.jpg
Smart SIPs OSB and Graphite EPS SIPs Pan
Smart SIPs OSB Pre-Cut Panels.jpg



Note 1: R Value is based  on using Smart SIPs and plasterboard  to the inside. Additional cladding fixed to the external side of Smart SIPS will  provide a increased R value based in the  additional  R value of the cladding material used

Note 2: Engineering capabilities are based on Smart SIPs testing. Each project we supply will include a engineering design provided by our external consulting engineer to your site and building design requirements   

Note 3 MgO refers to Magnesium Oxide Board Smart SIPS uses MgOSO4 board as it is a low  chlorine material Less than 0.01 %

What’s Magnesium Oxide Board?

“An innovative mineral based, environmentally   friendly green building material comprised of :”

MgOSo4 Magnesium Oxide

Fiber Glass Reinforcement for strength

Other Proprietary filler

Smart SIPs Tools to assist with installation on Site 

SIPs Saw Attachment 

Smart Sips can supply an attachment to fit to most standard saws that will allow for the cutting of the  any MgO and OSB sips panel.  

Contact Smart SIPS for cost and delivery

Smart SIPs Electrical and Plumbing channel cutting tool 

Smart SIPS have developed a channel cutting tool that will cut a 50mm hole through the EPS of a SIPs panel making the job of adding additional channels in a panel on site where required 

Contact Smart SIPS for cost and delivery

Smart SIPs Foam Scoop 

Smart can supply foam scoops to assist with cutting a recess on the edge of the Smart SIPs panel for fitting a stud in the panel.

This  tool is handy for when onsite cutting is required during installation. 

Sizes available

4" or 90mm

6" or 150mm 

Contact Smart SIPS for cost and delivery

Smart 12inch Panel Cutter.jpg
Smart SIPs Electrical & Plambing Channel
Smart SIPs EPS Scoop.jpg