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Build a high-performance Smart SIPs home

Building made easy for owners, building designers and registered builders.

Faster Installation

Save time and money by installing our pre-cut and ready to assemble SIPs.

Exceptional Sustainability

Achieve a greener build and improve your home’s long-term sustainability.

Superior Strength

Build a stronger and safer home with our natural disaster resilient SIPs.


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Home Owners

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Owner Builders

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Building Planning


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Why use Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)?

Do you want to reduce your construction waste, streamline your installation and decrease your labour costs? Working with Smart SIPs will help you achieve all of this and more.


Not only will you benefit from the above, but your home will be stronger, safer and more cost-effective long-term due to your reduced need for aircon and heating. Due to less air leakage when compared to conventional framing, your new home will be more comfortable no matter the season and you’ll see a reduction in your energy bills. 


Did we mention that we can get your project to lockup quicker?


Complete SIPs Supply and Design Service

We provide a complete service to supply SIPs panels and assist in bringing your new home concepts together.


Avoid the typical limitations of conventional framing and achieve your dream home by using Smart SIPs. SIPs are stronger and more resilient than traditional stud wall systems allowing your building designer to get creative without having to factor in limitations, such as truss, walls and support beams. 


Your new home will also be safer and more resilient to severe weather and natural disasters due to the robust nature of SIPs. Should a natural disaster happen, homes built with SIPs typically see reduced structural damage and repair costs.

Accreditations & Affiliations

Smart SIPs 9 Star Home.jpg

Assisting Homeowners and Builders with Net-Zero Homes

Net-Zero Emission Buildings or Passive House Design is becoming more prevalent in the construction industry as we, as a society, become more eco-friendly. The use of SIPs helps you arrive at a design and construction that uses less energy to build and operate during the life of the building, resulting in a more environmentally friendly home with reduced operating costs. 


This Smart SIPs home (pictured right) has an energy rating of 8.2. When compared to a 6 star rated building of the same size and in the same area, the 8.2 star rated home’s cooling bills will be 85% less while the heating bills will be 67% less. 


By using Smart SIPs, not only will you achieve a faster build and a home with less air leakage, you’ll save money on the ever-increasing cost of energy bills.

Why our customers love us

Amy Elleway
Canberra ACT

Smart SIPs delivered exactly what was promised - an extremely low energy usage house that is super comfortable and really warm in a really cold climate. A sustainable house on a sustainable budget.
It was also a pleasure dealing with Peter and Desma, the team at smart sips. The highest level of professionalism and traditional customer-centred customer service. Nothing was too much trouble.

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MgO SIPs, OSB SIPS & Cement Sheet SIPs Supply

Contact us for a free ballpark quote to convert your standard home design over to a Smart SIPs home. We can also provide a quote for our home design service and engineering for all your design and building needs.


We are located in Melbourne and Sydney, and provide our service all over Australia.

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