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How to build a SIPs house: anyone can build a Smart SIPs home

Updated: Apr 2

Building your new home with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) is a smooth process made even easier when working with us, Smart SIPs

Below, we take you through the steps on how to build a SIPs house, but first, let us tell you why you should consider these panels in the first place:

Panels arrive ready to assemble

Our SIPs are prefabricated and arrive onsite ready for installation.

Quick installation process

SIPs come together quickly for the following reasons:

  • Prefabrication means that they ready to assemble

  • Being precision cut means there’s no need for onsite modifications, reducing time spent cutting and significantly reducing human error.

  • Two jobs are completed at the same time - framing and insulation.

Streamlined construction

A faster installation, completing two jobs at once and reducing your onsite waste leads to a streamlined process, getting you to lockup quicker.

Cost-effective now and longterm

The quick and easy nature of SIPs leads to:

  • A faster construction process reducing labour costs

  • Getting to lockup quicker 

  • Significantly lower

  • Stay on budget by avoiding the uncertainty of timber supply and rising costs

  • Ongoing reduced energy costs in your new home


Our panels are sustainable as we use a sheathing that is essentially:

  • carbon neutral

  • Recyclable 

  • Disposable as a soil nutrient

Paired with less construction waste and reduced on-going energy usage, your build will have a much lower carbon footprint.

Increased strenght

When you build a SIPs home, you’re reaping all of the benefits mentioned above plus your home will be stronger and safer. 

Customisable to your design 

The strength, durability and customisation capabilities of SIPs helps you avoid the limitations of typical framing and achieve your dream home. Learn more on our home design services page.

Want to know more about SIPs?

Explore our website to find more detailed information on the benefits of SIPs.

Steps for building a SIPs home

Whether you want to tackle the job yourself or have professionals, such as us or a registered builder, do the work for you, we believe that anyone can build a SIPs house.

Here is an overview, but please contact us if you’d like more information or have any questions. We’re always happy to help and you can learn more about us and our philosophy here: our story.

How to build a SIPs house

Step 1: set up corner panels

Just gather together a few friends to help with the installation. Set up the first corner with two Smart SIPs panels then square, level and plumb. 

steps for building a sips house

Step 2: time for wall panels

Your other wall panels are now ready for installation. Work your way out from the first corner. 

how to build a structural insulated panels home

Step 3: internal panels

Now it’s time for your internal wall panels.

build a sips home

Step 4: roof

Once your internal panels are up, you’re now ready for the roof.


Building a SIPs home is easy, quick and good for the environment (and your back pocket!). So if you’re interested in working with us, then please get in touch with us or learn more about our service and product on our website.

We work all throughout Australia providing our customers with the opportunity to build the home of their dreams.


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