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Getting Your New Home Idea into Construction

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Smart SIPs Building System and Home Design Service

We work all over Australia and are able to assist with the design of new homes and supply of Smart SIPs panels and high performance windows.

We thought we would take a few minutes to outline below the design process we provided for this 9 Star Duplex home in Canberra that we just completed. Our client is very happy with the outcome as she is a small developer who commissioned us to design her homes and supply our Smart SIPs wall system and high performance windows.

Smart SIPs Consulting & Design and Smart SIPs supply company was able to deliver on all the all our clients project requirements.

Although you maybe looking to live in your new home, an important part of building is to hit the design requirement and budget.

With this project we provided all the design work, building documentation and supply of the

Smart SIPs walls and also the triple glazed windows.

This project demonstrates that by working with Smart SIPs to design and supply, our client was able to manage her design, budget and energy rating targets.

Our client chose the builder and we assisted her with construction support and helped throughout the process.

The experience we bring to the table is backed with years of building design and construction experience, which is further supported with our extensive research and development of our Smart SIPs building system.

Making us well placed to assist you with your project as we know the design process and how to design and build an energy efficient home.

It is a little difficult to give you a cost for your design work without knowing more about your property and your design requirements.

Please complete the information form below and we will follow up with you regarding your new home ideas.

I have made a outline of the work flow below and we will firm up the numbers before we commence your work.

For this type of design schedule we divide the work into three stages.

Sketch stage:

We will work with you on your design brief and accommodation requirements for the home along with setting the budget range for your project.

During this stage we will be making a check of the planning and overlay requirements and will need a survey of your property.

We can then commence the sketch plan drawings in line with your design brief design and optimise the energy efficiently of the home design.

At the end of this stage we will work through some ball park pricing of your home to check that the design is within the scope of your budget.

Town Planning:

If you require a town planning permit for your property, we are able to assist with this work (if not you would proceed through to working drawing stage). We can now expand the information in the drawings to produce your Town Planning drawings and application documentation.

Town planning drawings and submission work cost are dependent on the planning overlays on your property. We can assess this as we explore the design requirements before we commence work for you.

Working Drawing Stage:

Once the final sketch drawings are completed or town planning drawings and application is approved, we then need to prepare working drawings for construction with all the engineering and energy rating reports.

Working drawings are required for the Builder, Engineer, Local Government, Energy Certifier and other external consultants to assess the building design for pre-construction approval.

  • During this work you are usually making final selections of materials and finishes.

  • We will also be working on the building specifications with you.

The conclusion of the working drawings stage will allow you to start selecting the builder and evaluate the building quote.

With all the above works completed, you are ready to commence building works on site.

Smart SIPs is able to supply Smart SIPs panels for your walls and flooring systems for your project.

Part of our supply includes onsite support to train your builder to install the walls and floor system.

Our design service will help you work through your design requirements and assist you to get the best energy rating we can for you.

Our home design service and supply of Smart SIPs panels along with high performance windows is much more than a job for us.

We usually become very good friends with our clients during the process of helping design and build their super insulated high performance energy efficient dream home.

Please complete the information form below and we will follow up with you regarding your new home ideas.


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