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Smart SIPS 9 Star home in Canberra

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Smart SIPs designed and supplied the SIPs Wall system and triple glazed windows for these super energy efficient homes that will use 90% less energy than a standard mandated 6 Star rated home.

Smart SIPS

Smart SIPs does it again, with another 9 Star energy rated home in the Canberra Climate Zone (Zone 7 on the energy rating scale), this is difficult to achieve because of the high heating loads required with very cold evenings during winter.

This home will use 90% less cooling and 85% less heating loads when compared to a standard 6 star rated home.

The design uses Smart SIPs MgO (Magnesium Oxide) wall panels to the all external and internal walls, triple glazed windows and a 10kW solar power system so most of the year the home will provide a surplus of electricity and be a net exporter of energy to the national grid.

The home faces North to the Street so all the living areas and views are to the South with large expansive windows to the south, east and west, however, because of the use of the Smart SIPs wall system and smart design, the owner was still able to reach the 9 Star rating they set out to achieve.

Smart SIPs Pty Ltd provided all the design work, engineering and construction support, DA approval (Town Planning approval) and all pre-construction documentation and support to the owner throughout construction along with the supply of the Smart SIPs wall panels and system and the triple glazed windows.

This is a great example of how to deliver cutting edge design and building systems with super energy efficient homes to the modern family.


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