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Designing an energy efficient home with SIPs

Designing an energy efficient home can feel like a monumental task. As experts in this field who were once prospective home builders facing the same situation, we understand.

We believe that Australians can best design their energy efficient homes with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Let us first explain.

We came across SIPs in our quest to design and construct the most cost-effective and energy efficient home possible.

We built our home with SIPs and achieved an energy rating of 8.4 out of a possible 10 stars. And this was back in 2009.

SIPs and energy efficient home design
We designed our energy efficient home with SIPs.

We were so blown away by what we could achieve with these prefabricated panels that we have dedicated our careers to creating our company, Smart SIPs. Smart SIPs exclusively works with SIPs, providing a comprehensive Complete Building Design System.

If you’d like to know more about our panels, what they are and their numerous benefits, you can explore our website for more information.

So, if you’re interested in designing your own energy efficient home that doesn’t make you compromise on aesthetic or functionality, please read on to find out why you can’t surpass SIPs.

SIPs and energy efficient home design

Achieve a truly energy efficient new build with the following SIPs properites:

  • Insulation: SIPs provide a much higher insulation value when compared to more traditional framing methods, such as timber framing. 

  • Airtightness: SIPs are among the most well-insulated and air tight building materials available in construction.

  • Lower thermal bridging: Thermal bridging occurs when a conductive material, such as metal or wood, allows heat to escape through pathways created by interruptions such as framing, joists and studs. SIPs has a lower thermal bridging due to its continuous insulation across the panel and precision prefabrication which tightly knits the panels together, creating fewer gaps and pathways.

  • Reduced energy consumption: Your new SIPs home will see a 75-85% reduction in energy use when compared to a similar home built using timber framing. 

Designing an energy efficient home
Customise your build with SIPs

Additional benefits of designing with SIPs

As well as the previously mentioned energy focused benefits, choosing SIPs will also:

  • Lower your environmental impact: the energy reduction is only one aspect of SIPs being an eco friendly choice. SIPs also reduce your construction waste and are more durable leading to less need for replacement and repairs.

  • Streamline your construction process: as SIPs are prefabricated, your panels arrive on site and ready to assemble. This also minimises time spent fitting, reducing human error. Framing and insulation are also completed in just one step, getting you to lock up quicker.

  • Build a stronger, more durable home: The panel's superior strength and durability enables them to perform better in natural disasters. They are also more fire resistant. 

  • Allow you to truly customise your build: working with SIPs really allows you to unleash your creativity and build your home without the constraints of conventional framing. 

  • Create a more comfortable, healthy home: Better insulation and ventilation provides a more climate controlled home with improved air quality.

  • Save money long term: streamlined construction, lower construction waste and reduced energy-consumption costs combine to provide you with cost savings overtime. 

Other factors to consider when designing an energy efficient home

  1. Passive techniques: incorporate as many passive design techniques as possible - consider your home’s orientation, maximise natural lighting and more.

  2. Invest in your appliance: Seek out energy efficient appliances to further maximise your energy efficiency.

  3. Consider renewable energy: renewable energy sources, such as solar panels.

  4. Reduce your water consumption: conserve water with rain water tanks, drought resistant landscaping and more.

  5. Smart lighting: LED lighting is more efficient, transmits less heat and is more durable and long lasting than other lighting methods.

  6. Team up with a professional: utilise the help of a professional to streamline your design process and to ensure you achieve the best energy efficient design possible for your needs.

Please contact us f you’re interested in designing your energy efficient home with SIPs, We can provide you with an obligation free quote. We can also handle the design process for you or work with you. Learn more about our custom home design services here.

Contact us today with any questions - our friendly staff are more than happy to help. 

Design your energy efficient home with Smart SIPs
Design your energy efficient home with Smart SIPs


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