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Smart SIPs Home ready for Wall Insulation

Updated: May 29

Are you sick of the ever increasing costs for your heating and cooling? 

In need of a home that stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer?

Perhaps you’re interested in the environmental and financial benefits of building a well insulated home?

Our Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) provide wall insulation that does all of this and more. 

To provide you with tangible results, we’ve included a past Smart SIPs homes. Read on to learn more about this Smart SIPs home, the process and the phenomenal result our wall insulation achieved.

Preparing for Wall Insulation

The first step in preparing this super-insulated home involved the precise installation of the timber bottom plates. The timber bottom plates are fixed to the floor in accordance with the approved construction plans for this high performance home.

Commencing the wall insulation 

Now that the timber plates are secured, this home is ready for the next step: stand up walls. The beauty of using a building material like SIPs is achieving two usually time consuming steps at once: the framing and wall insulation. 

SIPs are precision cut and arrive onsite ready to install, creating a streamlined process that achieves superior thermal performance. SIPs are incredibly air tight, leading to considerably less air leakage. Click here to learn more about SIPs and thermal performance. 

SIPs home wall insulation

SIPs and superior wall insulation

Our SIPs offer incredible insulation, creating energy efficient homes that outperform comparable homes that were built with more traditional methods, such as timber framing. 

This project is an 8.3 Star energy rated home and will be warm in the winter, cool in the summer with a 78% reduction in energy requirements when compared to a standard constructed home.

But how do SIPs offer such great results? We delve into that next.

Additional benefits of SIPs

The advantages of SIPs aren’t limited to wall insulation.

Environmentally friendly

Being environmentally conscious has never been more important and we’re proud to be a supplier of an eco-friendly building material.

Here’s how our SIPs are eco-friendly:

  • Energy efficient - reduce your carbon footprint with wall insulation that creates a comfortable climate in your home, year round.

  • Reduced onsite waste - precision cut before arrival means little to no onsite modification. It also reduces waste caused by human error.

Financially friendly

While the initial costs of SIPs, when compared to timber framing, are about 5% more, using SIPs is a more cost-effective option when considering:

  • Reduced labour times Reduced labour times include time spent on electrical, plumbing and framing. A study conducted by R.S. Means demonstrated that a SIPs build’s labour time was decreased by up to 55%, when compared to traditional framing.

  • Onsite waste - as mentioned above, SIPs come with less onsite waste.

  • Ongoing operating costs of your home - see reduced heating and cooling bills for the lifetime of your home. 

Human friendly

Not only are SIPs good for the planet, they also create healthier homes that are better for people. Here’s how:

  • Year round comfort - your home’s climate control will ensure your comfort year round.

  • Improved air quality - our airtight SIPs home prevents unwanted outside air from seeping inside. Only controlled amounts of air enter the home through the mechanical ventilation system.

  • Reduced allergens - the airtight nature, humidity control and improved air quality reduces allergens such as dust and protects against mould and mildew growth. 

I’m interested in learning more about SIPs and wall insulation

You’re in the right place. Our website is loaded with information about SIPs.

We also welcome you to contact us to discuss further.


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